Poochu was created by one young lady, Miss J & her two beloved dogs in the heart of the countryside of Hertfordshire. They are now based in London, UK.

 Many years ago Miss J fell very ill and in that time she managed to connect back to her creative side by making stylish harnesses for her two beloved dogs.

 Miss J has a very quirky style from her Art & Design background & an experience in tailoring mastered from her father-in-law and his profession as a tailor, 

this is reflected in the hand-made harnesses, collars and leads that she makes; she wanted to keep an elegant style and a British twist as it was something that she was and is still very much passionate about. 

 As she started to walk her pooches in their stylish "suits" she noticed that many people wanted to know where they were from and where they could buy them.

 And so... we began as a little business which Miss J is very proud to be part of, from making your dog's bespoke harness, to packaging it... 

Miss J puts her heart into everything she does.

 Our hand-made items are made with love, they are bespoke and made in limited stock with new lines being regularly added.


As our brand is expanding, the Poochu team are on hand to help handle our messages alongside Miss J who is now responsible for the design elements of the new products that we are introducing: including handbags, wellington boots, coats, accessories and much more as well as continuing to work hard on harnesses, collars and leads in the workshop by herself and of course her quirky pooch illustrations...