Sizing Guide & Measuring tips:

Sizing guide for harnesses:

Please ensure that you measure your dog correctly before purchasing and contact us if you require assistance:

For harness measuring, please follow the steps below:

1. Neck Girth in inches:

When measuring, please ensure you measure the mid-lower part of your dog's neck where your dog's harness usually rests. This is about 2" lower than where the collar will sit.

For breeds such as bichons or dog's with larger heads please ensure you measure their head girth (and use this for the neck sizing)  because the harness will need to be big enough to fit over your dog's head.

2. Chest Girth: 

Please measure the girth of your dog's chest where the harness straps usually go around. This is about 2" across from the armpit and all the way around.

Common breed sizes purchased:

Most adult male pugs will take a L, Custom L or an XL

Most French bulldogs will take an XL

Most terrier breeds will take a M or custom L

Dachshunds will always require a Custom M

Each harness is bespoke and hand-made to order by Miss J, so ensuring we make the best size for your dog is our priority!

*If your dog is larger than the XL measurements (XL will fit a French Bulldog) please email us directly: for further assistance, XXL harnesses require a £10 additional fee for fabric cost.

Sizing chart:

 Poochu-Sir Harness Size Guide
Size Neck Girth (in inches") Chest Girth- Min to Max (in inches")
 XS 11"-11.5" 14" - 19.5"
S 12.5 - 13" 14" - 21.5"
M 13.5"-14.5" 18" - 25.5"
L 16.5 - 17" 21.5" - 30.5"
XL 18.5" 21.5" - 30.5"
CUSTOM For in-between sizes we always recommend a custom size