Well Hello March, Hello Spring Tweeds

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To celebrate 5 years of our Pooch-Sir launch online (and many more offline of Miss J designing fabulous creations) we made a little trip to the Mills of Scotland last week to source some fabulous spring tweeds and celebrate some of our very first creations by designing  a few new for our friends to enjoy!
We loved Scotland so much that we will most definitely return!
Coming this week:
Sir Brodie - A gorgeous green tweed
Sir Glenn - A lovely baby blue creation, with a little pop of pink ( because every true gentleman needs a little pink in his wardrobe)
Lady Fenella - A bright, cerise pink tweed with accents of purple, baby pink!
(Similar to one of our original creations Lady Flora!)
Sir Finlay - A bright, cheerful addition with pops of yellow, blue, and red.
We can't wait to share the our new designs! :)
Pooch-sir and Miss J xo

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