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Hello Lady Madison and Lady Harper...
Miss J has been working hard on developing a more practical, feminine range which doesn't lose class and sophistication.
The City Chic range for Poochu ladies is a beautiful collection which Miss J will be updating regularly; with fabulous crushed velvets, simple yet elegant black bows, straps and piping, and our new logo in black and gold, a fabulous poochu lady really cannot be without this beautiful collection!
Featured: Lady Madison and Lady Harper (below)
This range really emphasises on practically and durability with an additional layer being added to the harness for a better structure and wash-friendliness (on a 30% wash! Washing tips to be featured soon on our blog)
Featured: Lady Harper (below)
Featured: Lady Madison (Below)
And... for those stylish Poochu parents, Miss J has also designed and developed a range of hand-bags which will co-ordinate beautifully with the City Chic range as well as many of the bow-ties in the gentleman's collections so owners can now be as stylish as their Pooches! Twinning is winning after all! 
Featured: The Madison (below)
Lady Madison and Lady Harper to be launched on Wednesday 9th January and "The Madison" the first elegant satchel style of our luxury bags in both black and burgundy, will be coming by/ on 31st January.
Enjoy the new collection!
Miss J and Poochu xo
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