Why hello Dapper Debonairs

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A big hello to our latest Dapper Debonair collection.... 

Inspired by their fabric trips in the East End of London, Miss J and the Poochu-sir team got their paws on some fabulous silks and suiting fabrics from some of the most sought after suppliers of the suiting tailors of the East End.

Miss J wanted to create a little excitement and incorporate some of the styles that a typical East-End gangster would wear back in the day (Think back to they Kray twins and their super swag, we're not condoning their behaviour but we do appreciate their style!) 


The Sir Danny and Sir Damien are the perfect #twinning set, Danny being the most practical everyday suit with a bow-tie made with pure silk perfection and the harness body of Damien, made in luxury silk for those more special occasions! 

Above: Sir Damien 

Above: Sir Danny

With Miss J slowing down for the next 6 weeks (whilst our new arrival comes and she takes time to settle into a new routine!) She wanted to make our pug boys of the business look the part for their new job being in charge and well, we think they are ready for the challenge! What do you think?


Enjoy our new collection!


Miss J and Team Poochu xo


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